The New Jersey Turnpike Authority is making improvements to Interchange 14A, which is located in the cities of Bayonne and Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ. Interchange 14A experiences recurrent traffic congestion and projected future traffic growth is expected to be significant. Therefore, the interchange will be reconfigured to accommodate existing and future growth in traffic volume resulting from the expansion of an adjacent port facility and a large residential/commercial development.

These essential improvements will accommodate existing and future projected traffic volumes, as well as improve traffic flow and operations for this area.

Project Needs

  • Accommodate existing and future projected traffic
  • Improve traffic flow

Project Goals

  • Relieve congestion within the project limits and the adjacent local roadway network.
  • Reduce travel times.
  • Improve access to and from the NJ Turnpike Hudson County Extension.
  • Encourage economic development by providing a reliable transportation network.
  • Improve air quality.

Key Project Feature


Project plans call for increasing the toll plaza capacity from 11-lanes to 13-lanes, increasing the ramp from Interchange 14A to westbound Hudson County Extension to 2-lanes, replacing the existing 2-lane connector bridge with a new 4-lane structure to Routes 440, 185 and Port Jersey Boulevard, and building a new flyover ramp from the interchange and Port Jersey Boulevard to Route 440 south. The existing traffic signal at E 53rd Street will be eliminated and the new Roundabout will maintain permanent access to the NJ Turnpike Interchange 14A.

Project Schedule

  • Began Planning – Summer 2009
  • Held Public Information Centers – Winter 2009, Winter 2011 & Summer 2011
  • Held Public Hearing – Summer 2012 & Fall 2014
  • Begin Construction – Early 2015
  • Finish Construction – Fall 2018

Project Funding

Funds for the project are provided by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.