07/13/15: Construction Update

The following work is scheduled over the next three weeks:

Toll Plaza

  • West side (exiting 14A): construction continues on the new toll lane and toll island.  Nighttime closures of the western most Toll Lane are expected during the week of 07/13 to 07/17 from 9:00PM to 5:00AM for construction.
  • East side (entering 14A): construction of the new building and utilities continue.

Ramps between the Toll Plaza and the Hudson County Extension (HCE)  

  • Widening construction continues on the ramps to and from the west bound HCE.
  • Demolition work on the Avenue C and JFK Boulevard bridge structures continues.  Expect local street lane closures and traffic holds mid-day for bridge demolition on Avenue C and JFK Boulevard.  This work will be supported by Bayonne or Jersey City Police.
  • Retaining wall construction along Frontage Road continues. This work will also be supported by Jersey City Police.
  • Local street level work at Garfield, Avenue C and JFK Boulevard bridges continues.
  • Proposed Sign Structure Locations adjacent to the corner of Avenue B / E58th Street Corner, corner of Avenue C Structure and Garfield Avenue Structure (PSE&G Sub-Station) will be constructed.  When needed, Bayonne PD or Jersey City PD will be asked to support this effort.

Avenue E / Proposed Roundabout

  • Water main installation on the Turnpike Service Road continues.
  • Deep sewer construction on the east side continues.
  • Removal of raised median areas in preparation for temporary pavement continues.
  • Extended work shifts are expected.

Route 440 and Pulaski Street Intersection / Jughandle

  • The southbound Route 440 Jughandle at Pulaski Street will be reduced to a single lane during the week of 7/20 to accommodate deep sewer construction.
  • Utility relocation will continue on Pulaski Street at Route 440.

Ramp Area East of Route 440

  • Ground improvements in advance of new ramp construction continues.

Building Demolition

  • Work continues in advance of building demolition for the Millions Warehouse on Pulaski Street at Route 440.
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