04/08/16: Construction Update

The following work is scheduled over the next three weeks:
Toll Plaza
  • East side (entering 14A): renovation of existing Toll Utility Building will continue.
  • Construction continues on the new east Toll Lane.
  • Eastbound E 53rd Street has been reopened. For more information, please CLICK HERE to access the pamphlet.
Ramps between the Toll Plaza and the Hudson County Extension (HCE)
  • Widening construction continues on the ramps to and from the west bound HCE.
  • Local street level work at Garfield, Avenue C and JFK Boulevard bridges continues. This work will also be supported by Jersey City and Bayonne Police as needed.
  • Local street level work on Frontage Road continues.  This work will also be supported by Jersey City and Bayonne Police as needed.
  • Proposed Sign Structure Locations adjacent to the corner of Avenue B / E58th Street Corner, corner of Avenue C Structure and Garfield Avenue Structure (PSE&G Sub-Station), Toll Plaza Parking Area will be constructed. When needed, Bayonne PD or Jersey City PD will be asked to support this effort.
  • Work continues on a VMS Sign Structure under the Turnpike Bridge over Route 440, near the Newark Bay. Access is being provided from Route 440.
  • During the week of 04/25/16, there will be one nighttime work event where northbound and southbound Avenue C traffic will be shifted, reducing it to one lane of alternating traffic between W58th Street and Frontage Road to accommodate a bridge girder erection. This work will be supported by Jersey City and Bayonne Police Departments as necessary.
Avenue E / Proposed Roundabout
  • Deep foundation work on new bridge piers will continue near 51st Street. This work will be performed in a dedicated work zone.
  • Bridge pier construction will continue in dedicated work zones.
  • New retaining wall construction on Avenue E near 53rd Street will continue.
Connector Bridge (Bridge from the Toll Plaza to Port Jersey Boulevard)
  • A two-way traffic pattern has been implemented on the bridge ramp from Port Jersey Boulevard to the Toll Plaza.
  • Pedestrian usage of the bridge for access to and from Port Jersey Boulevard continues to be prohibited. Please CLICK HERE for shuttle bus pamphlet.
Route 440 and Pulaski Street Intersection / Jughandle
  • The southbound Route 440 Jughandle at Pulaski Street has been reduced to a single lane.
  • Deep bridge foundation work will continue at the Jughadle.
  • Utility relocation work will continue on Pulaski Street at Route 440. This work will be supported by Bayonne and Jersey City Police.
Ramp Area East of Route 440
  • Ground improvement and new ramp construction continues.
  • Retaining wall construction continues.
  • Bridge abutment construction will continue.
  • Northbound Route 440 exit to the Turnpike will be shifted into the new alignment on 04/15/16.
Alert – 53rd Street between Broadway and Avenue C
  • In support of the Interchange 14A Improvement Project, the City of Bayonne has restored 53rd Street traffic to its former direction.  The temporary westbound direction has been changed back to eastbound as of Monday, 03/28/16. Traffic on 53rd Street flows one-way from Avenue C to Broadway.
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