03/23/15: Construction Update

Week of 03/23/15 – Concrete jersey barrier will be moved from the left side to the right side of the ramp from Interchange 14A Toll Plaza to westbound Hudson County Extension, as well as on the ramp from westbound Hudson County Extension to the Toll Plaza. The barriers are being moved to a long term configuration that will accommodate upcoming ramp widening construction.

Small preliminary excavations (test pits) will be made as needed on Avenue E for utility related work. These work operations will be one day events supported by Bayonne Police.

New utility installations will begin on E52nd Street and Avenue E. This work will be supported by Bayonne Police.

Work continues on the east and west sides of the Toll Plaza before and after the toll booth as part of the capacity increase. These work zones allow for new toll lane and facility construction.

Pipeline relocation work will begin on the west side of Route 440, at the Pulaski Street Jughandle, and will be supported by Bayonne Police.

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