02/23/18: Construction Update

The following work is scheduled over the next three weeks:
Toll Plaza
  • East side (entering 14A): renovation of existing Toll Utility Building continues.
Ramps between the Toll Plaza and the Hudson County Extension (HCE)
  • No work planned.
Avenue E / Proposed Roundabout
  • Continue new roadway construction on the Roundabout of Avenue E, from 52nd Street to 51st Street.
Connector Bridge (Bridge from the Toll Plaza to Port Jersey Boulevard)
  • Pedestrian usage of the bridge for access to and from Port Jersey Boulevard continues to be prohibited.
Route 440 and Pulaski Street Intersection / Jughandle
  • Continue traffic signal construction on Route 440.
Ramp Area East of Route 440
  • Continue traffic signal construction on Port Jersey Boulevard.
  • During the week of 03/12/18, daytime hours, asphalt paving operations will resume.
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