Traffic Advisory: Weekend of 04/21/17

14A Toll Plaza:  During the weekend of 04/21/17, from 9:00PM Friday through 1:00PM Saturday, asphalt paving construction work will be performed in Toll Lanes 3 & 4 after traffic passes through the Toll Plaza heading towards the Hudson County Extension. Traffic will be split before the Toll Plaza and motorists will need to choose to stay right for the eastbound extension (JC/NYC)  or to the left for the westbound extension (Newark) before passing through the Toll Plaza. Once traffic passes through the Toll Plaza, motorists will not be able to switch lanes. A VMS sign will be placed at Toll Lanes 3 & 4 to direct traffic left and right. Work will be supported by Bayonne and State Police.
Port Jersey Boulevard Intersection:  During the weekend of 04/21/17, roadway and asphalt paving construction will be performed at the Port Jersey Boulevard intersection at the ramp to northbound Route 440.  All eastbound traffic from the Turnpike to Port Jersey Boulevard (and the Port Marine Terminals) will be directed to Pulaski Street and all westbound traffic from Port Jersey Boulevard will be directed to Route 440 and the Turnpike Ramp via Pulaski Street.  Work will be supported by Bayonne Police.
Thank you for your patience. If you have additional questions, please call the toll free hotline at 1-800-671-6872. Please inform the operator that you have an urgent message and you’ll receive a return call within 24-hours.
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